At the mention of “maternity wear”, images of tent-like dresses and often unsightly elastic panels come to mind. When dressing for a formal or black tie event, everyone wants to look smart and feel confident.This is particularly difficult for mummies-to-be, due to our ever-changing body shape.

Here are some ideas for nesting mothers who want to dress easily and comfortably but still want to look chic.



1.Simplicity is Key

Elongate your body by keeping to solid colours and long lines. Flowing dresses are a more forgiving style, falling gracefully over your bump and giving you more comfort and ease as well. Contrary to popular belief, wearing more accessories does not distract from your pregnancy.  Minimize on accessories to highlight the best accessory- your baby bump.


2.Wrap it Up
Many people think wearing bodycon clothing make you look bigger than you are. On the contrary, it’s one of the most flattering shapes. A wrapped style is especially forgiving and should be a staple in all maternity wardrobes.
Wrap dresses are also the most versatile as you can wear it throughout your pregnancy, emphasising on your curves and minimising your flaws.



3.Show some Skin

For most mummies to be, clothing is usually preferred to be less revealing to conceal bloating and less flattering areas of the body. Many think showing skin usually refers to decolletage, midriff or legs, but there is one area that is often forgotten.
Backless gowns are a classy way of making you feel more alluring, and has a lesser chance of letting you suffer any wardrobe malfunctions.
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